Teachers from East China Normal University’s Daxia College Visit NJU to Promote Exchange


Du Yuankai, deputy secretary of the Communist Youth League of China (CYLC) of Daxia College of China Normal University, Huang Tianxiang, a counselor, and three student Party members visited the School of History to exchange ideas on the “Classical book review contest for university students in the Yangtze River Delta” on December 10, 2020.

Yang Jun, a graduate student counselor, Tian Jie, an undergraduate counselor, and three student leaders met with the visiting representatives and had an in-depth discussion with them beginning at 9:30 in the morning.  

(Photo of Those present at the meeting)

At the meeting, Yang Jun and Tian Jie first introduced the administrative structure and responsibility distribution of the School of History, the organization of student work, and the Party building work.  

Du Yuankai, from Daxia College, also shared the experience of the reform history, the college system and student work arrangement at East China Normal University.  

After that, the teachers of the two sides also discussed specific issues such as the credit recognition of the second classroom and their club activities related to their specialties. When talking about the rate of students taking the graduate program entrance examination, the rate of applicants exempted from the graduate program entrance examination, and the employment situation, they said that the social sciences and liberal arts majors are facing more or less similar situations.  

Next, they had extensive discussions on student work, learned from and absorbed each other's experiences, and put forward useful suggestions for specific issues.  

Finally, Jia Yingyue, a student Party member of East China Normal University, introduced the details of the “Classic book review contest” and sent an invitation to the School of Hisotry on behalf of Daxia College, hoping that at the important moment of the centenary of the founding of CPC, students can learn from history to understand the truth in reading, inspire their actions and express their feelings in writing.  

The contest is organized by East China Normal University, Shanghai Writers’ Association, Shanghai Federation of Social Science Associations, and hosted by Daxia College of East China Normal University.  

The contest has a theme of "Reading, Reviewing and Respecting Classics in a Hundred Years."  

It invites undergraduates from universities in the Yangtze River Delta to read classics and write book reviews.  

This visit by teachers and students from Shanghai not only deepened the exchange and understanding between us two universities, but also brought an invitation to our students, calling us to participate in the classic reading contest. All students are encouraged to participate.  

(Photo: Teachers exchange gifts on behalf of their respective schools.)

(Article Written by Chen Xiaoru, 2019 Master of Diplomacy)