School of History Holds Opening Ceremony for Its Strengthening-Foundation Program, Liu Yizheng School


The School of History held the opening ceremony for the 2020 freshmen in the Strengthening-Foundation Program at 7 p.m., September 23 in 223 conference room of our school’s building.  

Professor Zhang Sheng, dean of the School of History, Professor Ren Lingling, deputy CPC secretary, Professor Wang Tao, the class adviser, Professor Zhu Hongjun, dean of the Department of World History, Professor Luo Xiaoxiang, dean of the Department of Chinese History, Professor Cheng Zuming, Professor Chen Rihua, Professor Zhang Xuefeng, and other teachers attended the meeting and delivered speeches respectively.  

The freshmen entered the conference room on time and took their seats. This conference was presided over by Professor Wang Tao.  

First, students of the Strengthening-Foundation Class took turns to introduce themselves. They were excellent students from different places and each introduced themselves either seriously or humorously. Teachers also used the words of the students to quote the classics from time to time. They had a great time together.  

(Photo: Lyu Shun is introducing himself.)

On behalf of the faculty and students of the School of History, Dean Zhang Sheng welcomed new students to the Strengthening-Foundation Class. He first introduced the long history of the School of History and the origin of the Liu Yizheng School and introduced the specific plan of talent training at the Strengthening-Foundation Program and its importance.  

At the same time, he said that the school would leave an exclusive space for students to conduct seminars and appoint core teachers their exclusive counselors. He looked forward to building a kind, interactive teacher-student relationship on this experimental field.  

(Photo: Dean Zhang Sheng Gave a Speech.)

As the student affairs leader, deputy CPC secretary Ren Lingling cordially showed her care for the daily life of the students and put forward earnest expectations on them. She hoped that they can uphold love and strengthen publicity for history and demonstrate their excellence to the freshmen of a general major. In this way, the School of History can welcome more students who are full of love for history, driven and inspired by the students of the Strengthening-Foundation Program.  

(Photo of deputy CPC secretary Ren Lingling)

Professors Zhang Xuefeng, Zhu Hongjun, Cheng Zuming, Chen Rihua, and Luo Xiaoxiang delivered speeches respectively. They expressed their great expectations for the students of the Strengthening-Foundation Class and hoped that every student would lay a good foundation, find their interest and make a good life plan as soon as possible, and strive to cultivate the interest, ability and quality of historical research. At the same time, students should pay attention to physical and psychological health, as more exercises are essential to building a strong physique.  

(Photo: Professor Zhang Xuefeng is delivering his speech.)

Professor Wang Tao, the class adviser, gave a concluding speech. He first cited Mr. Mei Yiqi's definition of "master" and then sublimated it to raise the importance of "student." He urged the students to increase communication with their teachers so as to form a kind, interactive relationship. He also mentioned that the students are flowing water and the back waves. He hoped that they can defend their freedom but also endure loneliness. They can maintain their ideals but also study in a down-to-earth way.  

(Photo: Professor Wang Tao is delivering a speech.)

At the end of the meeting, Wang Tao introduced the logo of Liu Yizheng School. The logo is composed of two purple triangles, one sitting on its base and the other upside down, which form the initials of QJ (strengthening foundation). The regular triangle means stability and foundation, and the inverted one is a symbol of diversity and internationalization. He hoped that all students can become an interdisciplinary scholar, who should lay a solid foundation first, then go international, and finally achieve a wonderful life.  

Every student and teacher present received a set of exquisite souvenirs of Liu Yizheng School, including a canvas bag, a mug, a notebook, and stickers. This greatly enhanced everyone's cohesiveness.  

(Photo of exquisite souvenirs.)